Interested in starting a busimess? Come join the home-grown brand that’s taking modern yogurt culture to the next level, through honesty, teamwork, entrepreneurship and innovation.

有兴趣创业吗? 快来加入自家品牌,通过诚实,团队合作,企业家精神和创新,将现代酸奶文化提升到一个新水平。

The difference we are making …


In this high saturated beverages market and trend, we believe in the concept of combining healthy and fruity flavours that enhance day to day performance with our drink. We pledge that every cup of our yogurt is best accompany with the best culture to instill health in the most tasteful crafted yogurt from us.

在这个高度饱和的饮料市场和趋势中,我们相信将健康和水果风味结合在一起的概念,可以提高我 们饮料的日常性能。我们保证,每杯酸奶都是最好的搭配,并伴随着最好的文化,以从我们这里 品尝到最美味的天天酸奶来注入健康。

We put the ‘yogurt’ in team


Our team will guide you from setting up to starting your store through our partnership program, tailored to various levels of expertise and involvement. So, whether you’re diving into the world of F&B for the first time or the tenth time, you’ll fit in just fine.

我们的团队将通过针对各种专业知识和参与程度的量身定制的合作伙伴计划,指导您从开设商店到经营。 因此,无论您是第一次还是第十次涉足餐饮业,您都可以适应。